Monday, April 7, 2008

The Fifth Question

What was your first impression about your roomate? What did he/she seem like? Do you believe first impression is important?

My answer is
My roommate seemed like cool, clam and collected at the first time I saw. But she is generous, kind and hasty person(?). I believe making a good impression at the first time is important somehow but I don't believe that first impression determine what I think the person is like.


Gracie's talking club said...

Hello! Clrara

Interesting question!
As you know, I am staying next to you. Almost one month, I noticed your presence, but I didn't know about her. One day you introduced her to me, but I forgot about her. It means she is very quiet and has nice manners staying somewhere with somebody. This week I met her a few times. Now I know her identificaiotn for sure.
My roomy? She was beautiful, calm and gave me a nice first impression to me. Still, she is very nice and tries to listen to me all the time. And she studies hard. She always talks to me nicely. Sometimes, actually very often, I believe people's first impression, but not all the time.
This year, again, I experienced something related to the first impression. It was not a good experience. I cannot talk about it in detail but first impression was important at that time.

Grace said...

In korean sayings, there is an expression that people should take the responsibility for their faces in 40's. I believe the saying. When I look at someone, I can guess what kind of personality they have. In my first impression, my roommate was very sincere, faithful and honest. So far she is really good person. I'm a good guesser.

Nina said...

Hello, Clara.
My roomy looked like a studious and faithful person at first. My first impression was right. And also I could find more good personalities of her. She is very generous and helps other people well. Of course, the first impression doesn't show all things about a person, but good first impression is important in relationship.

Nicole said...

Hi Clara,
Intersting question. I think having a good roommate can make the program such a great experience.

flesung said...

What was your first impression about your roomate?
Hello! Clrara
I'm very sorry for mentioning my roommate. But my roommate sometimes snore and it makes me awoke. I think it is alright, for I also snore a little. He is a very handsome and attractive gentleman. He studies very hard. I envy him always.