Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Fourth Question

In a line of Pushikin's poem, there is a saying "Even if life decieves you, be not sad nor angry..." It seems that he want to say positive thinking is important thing in life. I think our happiness depend on our own view of life. Do you have any special proverb or maxim you have kept in your mind? My fourth question is "What kind of view of life do you have?"

My answer is
"Seize the day." or "Do my best as I can do." I got this from the movie "Dead Poet's Socitey" and I totally agree with it. I try to keep that in my mind. I like to enjoy every moment when I can do something. If a chance occurs to me, I'd like to accept that willingly and do my best.


Anonymous said...

I like this saying,
"Make hay while the sun shines."
I used this motto for class lesson every year when I was a homeroom teacher. I think spending time wisely is very important.

Gracie's talking club said...

Hi! Clara!

Interesting quesiton!
And it makes me reflect on somehing of my life.
Yes, there are many good and beneficial proverbs in the world. One day I realized that I was getting lazier and lazier than before. It caused me to lose some chances in front me. Because I was not ready enough to challenge them. So I regreted many, many times. Thus I got to like the saying, "Do not put off what you have to do today until tomorrow."
My view of life was quite positive when I was little. But after I became an adult, I was disappointed with many things in social life. Sometimes I was negative, sometimes positive. Now I totally agree that positive mind is the best weapon to overcome the tough world.

flesung said...

Hi! Clara!
Thank you for giving me encouragement.
My favorate maxim is; No pain, no gain. If I don't try to improve or achieve something, I never get anything in future, I think. It is important for us to try to pay attention to others always.

Joseph said...

Hi, Clara.

My family motto is 'Live serving others!'. I know how difficult it is to practice the motto. However, I try to be a good model for my kids. I hope they can be some influential persons in good ways.