Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The First Question

Which country do you want to visit if you have any chance to visit foreign country for free? Why?

My answer is:
I'll go some part of Africa which has very different, exotic things I have never experienced. I think most of modern cities have similar scenery that is not so interested or that can be easily visited. In Africa, however, it has a beautiful nature, naive people, unique traditional culture, and so on. Travelling Africa is dangerous and uncommon. So, that's why I want to visit "Wild Africa."


grace said...

Five years ago. I traveld Europe with my friend. As I was sick of marriage life at that time, I didn't go with my family. But now I'm regretting about it. I want to share good things and good memories
with my family. And I want to travel to Europe once more with my family.

My name is Nicole Long said...

Hi Clara,

Great question. I have been to Kenya and taken some safaris so I think that you would love it.

If I could go to another country I would choose Russia because of the wilderness areas and also because of the diverse culture. I would love to take the Siberian express train accross the country and see as much as possible.

SAINT said...

hmmm! a wild ulsan lady!
i think you can be wild not reckless. can you imagine yourself in wild desert staring at the blazing sunset. how wild it can be!
I really would be there.

Joseph said...

Hi, Clara.
I'd like to visit some European countries and Middle Eastern countries because they have a long history relavant to Bible.

James said...

What a interesting question!
I want to go to hell!
because of for free.

kate(S0102) said...

Great question~^^
If I had a chance to go abroad again, I would like to go Italy again. I've traveled some countries before but the most impressive one was Rome. It was magnificent, awesome, breathtaking-really hard to express the feeling that I felt in that time. so that's all^^

derekhospital said...

Hi, Clara. I want to go to Turkey because it has both western and oriental culture. That attracts me.

gracie said...

Hello, Clara!
You're very challenging and adventurous.
Souns good.
In my case, there are three countries actually.
First place is New Zealand, because last February my best foreign friedns, Abi and her husband Kunghu went back to their country. They were so nice and warm-hearted people. I've never seen good persons like them. So I promised them to go on my honeymoon to New Zealand some day.
Second place is Canada. My Canadian friend, Galen is living there. Any time, Any day, he'll welcome my visit.
Last, I heard a lot about Spain's gorgeous remains and attractions. It is said that Spain is no less beautiful than Italy. So I really want to go there someday, too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Clara,
I want to visit Europe, Japan, China, and Canada, America, etc.
But I have motion sickness when I got on the airplane, it's a problem.