Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Third Question

What do you want to do if you were another gender?

My answer is:
If I were a man, I would like to wear only pants in hot summer. I don't want to wear woman's various underwears. In hot season, wearing pants only is enough. Korean women should wear many clothes to hide(?) their naked body. I'm envy that man doesn't need to worry about showing their body in public.


Nicole said...

Hi Clara,
I totally agree with you abuot the clothing. In Canada, men can walk around with no shirts in the summer. If I were a man, I would try to convince other men to listen more to women.

kate(S0102) said...

I do agree with you...I hate to wear so many clothes.^^

If I were a man, I could travel all around the world.. Of course I know that this is the thing that I can do as a woman ..but still I am caught up in my job and it's hard to make some time right now..

so if there is a chance to be a man, I'll quit my job and just travel aroudn the world all by my self, like a odysseus..

Anonymous said...

Hi. Clara,
Your question is very serious difficult for me.
If I were a woman, what kind of woman were I like? Perhaps I may be very busy in taking care of my kids.
I may be vry busy in cleaning a houses.
I may be busy in making up using all kinds of cosmetics evry mrning.
In summer, It is terrible to wear some underwears to hide my body to others. Nowadays woman and man are equal. In spring and summer women enjoy wearing mini skirts and short hot pants. while men can't wear mini pants or skirts.
Even if we change our gender, it is not so serious and important for us to wear what kind of clothes
,I think. Being more Important is that we, male and female, must try to understand and respect each other in our society.