Monday, March 17, 2008

The Second Question

Which movie or drama do you like the most? Would you introduce your favorites?

When I was in University, I liked the movies a lot and made a movie club with my friends. In movie club activity, we watched some of good movies a lot with skipping the classes. Those movies were not hollywood blockbusters but some masterpeices critics, directors, and movie pupils love. We loved to watch those that people didn't know well and were proud that we watched nobody choosed. Some movies were quite interesting and enjoyable. But most of them were too serous to understand and sometimes it was difficut to find what movie maker intended with that movie. Nowadays I perfer more lighter one to serious one.^^

My most favorite genre of movie is SF. I like the story related to the future life. I like to imagine the new world. Watching SF movies I can facillitate my imagination about future life. I recommend the movie " Blade runner" which was made in 1982. The film is about a hunter of "Reflicant"(human-like robots or anroids near future). This movie also show the future dark spectacles of earth and you can be surprised how well the director expressed. It's the old movie. However, I can still enjoy this movie a lot. It included many metapors about life we should think about. Also in the film all actors are doing good, all movie scenes are beautiful, and soundtracks are fantastic! If you still not watched that, I think you must watch it.


Nicole said...

Hi Clara,
I'm also a SF fan in both books and movies. Blade Runner is a real classic SF movie. The book is considered important literature by western universities and I had to read it and watch the movie for my class.
One of my very favorite movies is an independent movie filmed in Australia called Pitchblack. It's about a space ship that crashes on a planet with creatures who attack the survivors. The real story is about the redemption of the main character.
Your film club sounds like an interesting way to meet people in university.

Gracie's talking club said...

Hi, Clara

I didn't know you like movies very much. You are a big fan of movies.
I usually enjoy si-fi movies, great spy movies like 007 series or some toching melodrama-like movies.
As far as I remember, 'the piano' which was about love between a married pianist and her husband's friend, was really impressive. Nowadays, good movies based on fantasy novels, the lord of ring and Harry Potter series, attracted me.

Grace said...

Hi, Clara.
From middle school days, I like movie very much. At that time, there was no theater in sokcho. So I waited saturday night, or sunday night passionately, as I could watch movies through T.V. Maybe I watched almost old movies. For this reason, I like old movies such as " For whom the bell tolls" "Gone with the wind" and so on. These movies have my good memories, too.

kate(S0102) said...

Blade runner...what a fantastic movie. Wow.. you had a good taste in choosing a great movie!!

My best movie....frequently asked but quite tough one to answer for me...Hmmm...I think I'm the kind of person who see a movie as a way of relaxing out, not as a way of getting some insight or moral lessons so I also prefer romantic or comedy genre to serious ones.

My favorite is ....Hmm..maybe japanese drama "Hero" ..if you have time, it can be good to's kind of fun drama^^
(with very handsome actor)