Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Nineth Queston

A Psychological Test from the Fairy Tales
This test implies your preference of importance in your life. Choose one below items and see each explenation. I quoted this test from naver user (ID:minki730).

If you were born again as a character in fairy tales?

Here are explanations.
1. RED HAT: Though she had killed by a wolf, but happy ended. For you to choose, you must be a family-centered person who take priority on family and members.

2. SNOW WHITE: Though she had to take a poisoned apple, but she saved by prince's deep love. For you to choose, you must be a Romantist who gives priority on most attractive partner and passionate love affairs.

3. CINDERELLA: Though she has lived ill-treated first, but finally succeeded to be happy. For you to choose, you must be a Moralist who finds priority on pure minds above all.

4.MERMAID: Though she disappeared bitterly in the end, but she lived only for love. For you to choose, you must be a Sensualist who apt to give priority on arts and sesuality.


Liz said...

Hi! It is an interesting psycological test. I choose the character 'mermaid'. I like the little mermaid in the animation by Disney because it ended up a happy ending. I like the story in which pure love bears fruit.

Joey said...

Hi, Clara!

I'm Joey. Your blog is artistic. You seem to be interested in Art. Sometiems I think You are a delicate and considerate person. Thank you for making a movie club activity. Every Wednesday, I can enjoy the movie other trainees prepare. It makes me very comfortable.
Anyway, the item I chose is Cinderella. But I wonder whether it means my present state or my shortage.^^

Anonymous said...

Dear Clara,
How have you been?
This is Johson (chung Insung) from Sanne Middle School.
I'm very fine, enjoying good health.
If you read my letters, please send email me soon.
I was so surpised at your well-organized and well-decorated blogger.
Johnson from Mount Chrisan.